Several Rough Writers who have published books will participate in the Second Annual Celebration of Local Authors in Cambria on July 1, 2017.  The event is sponsored by the Cambria Historical Society and the Friends of the Cambria Library.  Stephen H. Provost, local author and managing editor of The Cambrian, will be the featured speaker.

Patricia Heineman has published her fourth novel, 'Mona's Journey.'

Ted Siegler has published his first novel, 'That's Life.'

We presented an afternoon of Humor, Suspense, and Romance at Cambria's Harmony Cafe on August 18, 2016.  Sheri Humphreys, Donna Kean, John Lamb, Helen Mandlin, and Robbin Miller read short selections from their new new and published works. A capacity crowd of about 50 people attended. Our readings were enthusiastically received, and the afternoon was a satisfying sucess.

Sheri Humphreys' 'A Hero to Hold' is the first of three books to be released by Boroughs Publishing Group in 2016. 

Helen Mandlin has published her memoir, 'Death, Divorce and Real Estate - An Upper West Side Story.'

Sherry Eiselen has published two new novels, 'Facing Lies' and 'You Never Can Tell.'

Patricia Heineman has published her third novel, 'Rocky Shores.'

Donna Kean's first novel, 'Clearview - A Metaphysical Mystery,' has been published by Black Rose Writing.

We're featured in an article about creative writing in Cambria and on the Central Coast.  Read it here.

Our books are in the Cambria Library!  Check them out, then check them out!
- Pat Heineman:  'A Peculiar Connection' and 'Lune Cottage'
- D. Arthur Gusner:  'Guardian Force'
- Sherry Eieselen:  'In a Flash' and 'Runaway/Throwaway'
- Dustin Pages:  'The Log Book of Sarah Trenton' and 'The Benefactor'
- Ken Renshaw:  'The Yosemite Adventures of Spotty the Bat' and 'The Autobiography of a House'
We asked our members for submissions, vetted them carefully, and offered these books to the Library.

Sherry Eiselen's and Tom Harrington's short stories are included in the SLO Nightwriters' 2013 anthology.
- Sherry Eiselen:  'Speaking of Language' and 'My Body and I'
- Tom Harrington:  'Fishing with Fred' and 'Christmas Skis'

In March 2013, the Rough Writers joined Cambria's Joslyn Recreation Center.  We now meet in the Center's Conference Room.

We have a winner!  Donna Kean won the Lillian Dean Award for fiction at the 2012 Central Coast Writers' Conference.  The competition called for the first page of a short story, limited to 250 words.  Donna's entry was, "The Shooter Was Nine."

The Rough Writers presented a Showcase of our new works, "Out of Our Minds," on Sunday, June 3, 2012 at the Theater @ Cambria Center for the Arts.  The event was well-attended and enthusiastically received. In addition to the benefits of presenting our works to a live audience, the event also generated interest among visitors and potential new members.  

The Showcase was presented by The Rough Writers and Cambria's Allied Arts Association.
More information.

Here are some of the other things the Rough Writers have been doing:

The Rough Writers discovered the renga!  We enjoyed the first one so much that we wrote a second.  See what we did.

 Anne Bennett writes poems and Haikus for our local paper, The Cambrian.
Paula Cizmar's play, Seven, has been performed in New York, London, Deauville, France, The Hague and all over Sweden.  It also has been performed in Argentina, Serbia, Russia and Turkey.  In Spring 2012, Seven was produced by Visions and Voices at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.  Also in 2012, Seven was selected for the month-long 18th Istanbul International Theatre Festival in Istanbul, Turkey.  Performed in Turkish, the cast featured well-known Turkish actors, journalists, and supporters of human rights.  For more information about Seven at the Istanbul International Theatre Festival, go to:
(See News About Seven.)

Seven also was performed in September 2010 as part of the Vital Voices Summit in India. See  Paula also is a co-author of 7 Sins in 60 Minutes.  See
Tom Harrington's short story "The War" was a winner in the 2010 New Times' 55 Fiction Contest.
Patricia Heineman has finished her second novel, A Peculiar Connection.  It's available on, along with her first novel, Lune Cottage.
John Lamb's short story "To My Most Constant Friend" won Honorable Mention in the 2010 SLO NightWriters' short story contest.  The theme was trust and betrayal.  John is working on the rewrite of his murder mystery.
Michele Oksen has submitted her first novel, The Basket Keepers, for publication.  Michele also writes a monthly column, "Mountain Musings," for our local paper, The Cambrian.  She also writes a monthly column for the online publication, SLO Coast Journal, titled "Coastland Contemplations" (previously, "Nature's Voice").  See