About Rough Writers ...

Cambria, CA April 26, 2010 --The Rough Writers held their inaugural meeting today at the Old Cambria Grammar School.  Formerly, the group met as part of the Cuesta College Emeritus Program.  Cuesta recently discontinued funding the Emeritus Program.  Local playwright and author Paula Cizmar, who previously was the instructor, will continue with the Rough Writers as mentor.  Paula recently collaborated with other playwrights on "Seven" starring Meryl Streep.  The show opened in New York in March, 2010.

In March 2013, the Rough Writers joined Cambria's Joslyn Recreation Center.  Members include poets, novelists, playwrights and people compiling travelogues and personal memoirs.  Membership is limited.  Guests are welcome by invitation.  The group meets Monday afternoons at the Joslyn Center.

Charter Members are:  Sherri Bell, Anne Bennett, Tom Christian, Paula Cizmar, Ann Dennis, Lila Evans, Sherry Eiselen, Darrell Gusner, Thomas Harrington, Pat Heineman, Donna Kean, John Lamb, Limo, Katie Lindsay, Harry Matte, Robbin Miller, Michele Oksen, Linda Parr, Drexel Richardson, Barbara Snyder (president) and Diane Tappey.